Links 4 U" + "I am Invisible

My dear Readers,

I will be in the famous invisible mode of mine for about a week now.

I will be in the famous invisible mode of mine for about a week, after which any one of you can demand right-royally a full blown party. With amenities ranging from cigarettes, booze, to a/some date/(s) respectively. Promise.

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Now that you are here. What can you do?

Below are the links that keeps me occupied when I actually am required to be working, a.k.a sites-that-keep-me-in-procastinating-mode. I leave the responsibility now to you. Keep those websites from asking me out. Check these sites, they are some of my favorites.

Good Ones... (who doesn't? for anyone except the presidents and PMs) (if u r prone to mental disturbances often, u might like this) (if u have a screwed up humor like mine) (would make sense if u have a feminine side) (Randomness in purest form)

Success Shots... (mnmlsm : about minimalism in living) (new discovery) (subscribe to this one by mail) (the guru to all success gurus of this generation. baaps ka baap)

News...   ( THIS IS AWESOME . DOT ) (a blog-like take on news presentation) (you knew this already, didn't you!)

Think of blogging?...


All My links in one place..."ramreva" (my google result page) (Twitter. New word to you? Create an account. SERIOUSLY) ( Dot ) ( My Portfolio page)



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