Abbreviation Psychometry : A thinner slicing into a person's psychology.

     It all started when my father once asked in a 'father testing his son's knowledge..' tone "What is OD?". That was three years ago when I was in the second year of my college. I swiftly replied "optical density", he was shocked and a little irritated for he expected me to say "over draft". Well, I was then a biologist in the making, while my father was a banker for about twenty years. No wonder our take on the abbreviations differed.

It doesn't have to be with two people necessarily. After my college years, there is this company in India called TCS which had extreme faith in 120 of us from our entire batch of God knows how many students, and they offered us employment in our third year of college just when recession was stating to catch up! As I was waiting for the job call from TCS after completion of my Undergraduate study in Biotechnology , Government of India's ministry of Science and technology had for the 2009 batch, called the students for its fantastic initiative called BCIL(Biotech Consortium of India Limited) which gives students a paid internship in leading Biotech companies across India. I was learning big time in Biozeen for about four months.

That's when I was repeatedly using certain abbreviations like DNS (dinitro salicylic acid) and SIP (sterilization in place), CIP (cleaning in place) etc. When I joined TCS after that and started to learn web designing, which had always been my crush kinda hobby during my entire college years, the same (DNS) got reprogrammed in my brain as "Domain Name Server"!

This by itself is not a great thing to write a blogpost upon, rather its too trifle a matter! But what I felt is, this shift in the way certain abbreviations and symbols are processed by the brain, could give a very detailed inference on what and who a person is.

Like for example red could mean love for a lover, while it could also mean blood for a serial killer! These are the takes of two persons of the same symbol. But it could also be that it meant love for the person, till the day he became psychologically destabilized due to a failed relationship and it then started to mean blood! Eeewwww, but you get it right!? This is what psychometry has always been trying to analyze. To make a thin slicing of a person's psychological state is what psychometry aims at.

What I am here trying to convey is that the thin slicing can be made thinner by understanding what abbreviations mean to a person. This could lead to deeper understanding of a person's inclinations to various subjects of his/her professional or personal expertise, (@in short.. one's actual field towards which his/her brain is more aptly fit to be productive) in his/her present psychological state.

Now, the idea is open. I would love to see cognitive Neuroscience brains work on this, for I already am!

Ramrevatube ...ha ha.Yeah That's my youtube channel name!

Hi all,

Had you noticed, there is a little addition to the pages on top panel! Yeah, there is "My Youtube Page" added.
Just a place to keep a few videos that are worth more(yours) than just two eyes(mine!). Welcome there...

Spanish speaking monk from Argentina.

It was just another evening, out of nowhere a person comes to me. Dressed up in cotton khadi attire which seemed to laugh at the corporate synthetic attire of mine, and with a soul that had no fear nor expectations which was reflecting in his bright brown eyes.

He introduced himself to be a person from Argentina and that he speaks Spanish, and wants to spread the words of his Gurus and handed me this book.

Shame, I dont know his name. But, whats in a name? We all descend from Om.
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The Tell-Tale Brain by V.S Ramachandran...Lovely Book

Just bought the book I have been waiting to read. feels soooo good. my best investment i would say is this...

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Work-Life Balance

Often seen as a myth, Work-life balance was explained by my mother in a few simple terms. That sparked in me an idea to click this pic; which is exactly how my mom explained it!

This blog-post is soon to be expanded further, by adding my own theories that has helped me to maintain my balance best.

Cracked pipelines? bangaloreans show what to do!

I recently was hunting for a place to park my bike in the perpetually crowded mg road, brigade road, luckily found a place opposite to the juice junction in churchstreet, where I had to pay an enterpreneur Rs.10 per hour!

It wasnt bad, he did take care of the bike, like everyone else's till I returned two hours later.

Juice junction did help me fight the unusually hot persona Bangalore has started to carry these days! Whats worth mentioning is the garbage can(well not strictly!) Outside the fruit juice shop! I did find a moment to capture the cement pipeline which was invented to transport waste water. But due to aging it cracked, and some right brained guy/gal had painted it and helped it resurrect and serve humanity...yes, thus was born this garbage can(again, not exactly!)
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Martin Jacques: Understanding the rise of China | Video on

I recently happened to get the link of this video in my mail Inbox, because as a fan of you get the inside scoop as and when good videos are added in The title astonished me! "Understanding the rise of China", every word of it was true. But my interest to watch the video was fuelled by the desire to understand how can the people (the basic and the most important asset of a country) be highly supportive of all the measures that the State subjects them to.

In the process I understand that its not the Government thats strong, but that the people are strong in their minds. The relationship of the State and the society is like that of a parent and child, or husband and wife, as most of what keeps the relation running and happy is more often than not 'Trust' and 'Dogmatic Faith'.

Here in India and even in the west we often have a rebellious attitude and not much of trust for the State. Yes, face it. It's true.

Look at our morning papers, the first thing we see in the media is a negative news. They don't stop there, they criticize China too, as if we are all clean and happening big time! Sarkozy and Tiger Wood's personal life is what our media likes to talk the most about and not about the great things that are happening in India or the World generally. Why is that we are dead set on seeing the wrong things and saying wrong things. Gandhi knew this Indian mentality very well, he gave the three monkeys well in advance. I guess they are dead by now!

Martin Jacques: Understanding the rise of China | Video on