Antiseptics for washing hands?!..ha

A few months ago, one of the very active members of TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) Maitree team and I were having a discussion over a coffee. The doctor in front of his name was not an addition due to a Ph.D; he's a doctor who deals with human body. However, whether his job in TCS is biological or technological, I do not know. But what I know is that he is a biology person at heart, for I could see that his outlook on all that existed in TCS, was hugely biology inclined and inspired by life.

At the discussion, he made a crisp comment about the usage of antiseptic soaps and soap solutions in our washrooms and even in our homes. He felt it was an overkill. But me being a Biotechnologist, could comprehend his concern with another dimension added.

We often use antiseptic soap solutions for washing hands after every meal, bath with antiseptic soaps, mostly to play safe/safer/safest! Here, I would also like to bring in my another persona, which is that of a business-man. The business guy in me says, that it is a long term win-win situation.
How? : When we wash and bath, mostly after having stayed in air conditioned rooms and offices, or even in clean homes, we don't actually carry a huge load of pathogenic micro-organisms, that needs a heavy antiseptic treatment. But we still do it. On the contrary, Nature has designed or may be the organisms have evolved, in such a way that organisms beneficial to us humans are more often than not weaker (less resistant to antiseptics) than those that are harmful. So everytime we use a good quantity of soap (unnecessarily beefed up with antiseptics), we add a considerable quantity of antiseptics into the waters, which finds its way into the ground water and also in the soils.

So, how does the bad businessman in me find a win-win in this!?

It's simply because all these unnecessary antiseptics, prevent us from getting infections and diseases, while also managing to kill the beneficial organisms in the environment. This slowly reduces our immunity against microbes that co-inhabit this world, which we must actually share with them. And while our immunity gets progressively weaker, the pathogenic (disease causing organisms) organisms get stronger as their immunity against the antiseptics become progressively higher with every cycle of their reproduction. And these guys reproduce real fast! Because, by the time we complete one session of intercourse, they will have produced millions of off-springs! And what worse, all of them stronger, while our kids are weaker!. So isn't this a win-win situation!? Your kids will buy stronger soaps, and their kids even stronger ones!!!

But the biotechnologist and the environmentalist in me writes this blogpost with a weird kind of paradoxical pain.

Too Technical?!

Usage of antiseptics for hand washing and bathing = wearing a helmet while sleeping, fearing a fall from bed and an injury.

Don't worry Nature has taken care of our immunity, nothing can possibly go wrong that easily. Relax...use a normal soap, or just water. Our fore-fathers did that, and managed to stay alive for me to be writing and you to be reading/commenting this blog.

Man....! Win-win....oh...just shut up you...

With love, Insomniac.

I kinda like this time. Silent, productive, other minds are sleeping, hence not emitting disturbing human mental waves that destructively interfere with those of the few minds that thrive at peace and calm.

I love these nights. A constant reminder of the past and the reality; a black post-it note that clings on for about 50% of each day, trying in vain to remind the sleeping minds and bodies, of a Universe that existed before the diverging dust and debris started their journey.

So after all the fun and frolic ends, it will be the night that will embrace us all.

But who is night to embrace me?! I declare ..."I chose you", remember...and its not the other way round!


Lovely Biotechnology

 Waiting to start them all over again!

Carrying the license to play a humble manner!

George Smoot on the design of the universe : Review

I Felt that this TED video was worth sharing in this blog, for I have noticed that, some minds whose thinking tries to break out of the biological limitations of the skull, and thoughts run beyond the limitations of flesh bone and lust, visit this blog often. This video is for all you such people

P.S : If you felt the description above was overtly flamboyant and an overkill, and you are someone who is possibly convinced that such people are wasting the limited carbon on the planet by assimilating it in their biomass, don't waste 19 minutes watching this video! Go watch porn!

Till the last drop vaporizes!

The statistics and history have shown that it was the war times that fuelled many a innovations to come alive. Penicillin, harley davidsons, instant noodles are examples of it!

I was confronted with the challenge challenging the very existence of humanity, in a war of two most dominant species' on earth! Man and Mosquito...

The challenge was to make the last drop of available mosquito repellant liquid in the magazine@canister to vaporize for the chemical warfare against the mosquitoes to be efficient.

Thats when I came up with this innovative war strategy to efficiently utilize the little ammunition I had to be able to survive the cold, bloody war night.

Humanity won!
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A feedback Based Iconic Interface for smart devices

Note : The important stuff of the blog starts after first three priming paragraph! So please don't loose cool yet!

A few months ago, LG mis-conducted an online competition for designers. The designers were asked to come up with a totally new rethinking of the technologies and their designs that we have presently. The example design put up on their website was something like a fan with a remote control. I felt there was something about this initiative, that was worth a praise and also worth a try. So I gave it a shot.

The funny part was that, I missed the deadline to upload the entry, and when I saw the webpage, it said I could still upload cos the deadline was extended (Good for me!), hence I uploaded happily. The date was extended once again after a few days again! I waited, waited and waited...then there came a time when I stopped checking the website for results! Not very professional isn't it?!?

This experience somehow influenced me when I bought my android phone, though I liked LG optimus, I had this compelling feeling which never allowed me to buy it, I rather bought Motorola Backflip, and I love it!

I mentioned that I uploaded my designs right? Yes, these designs were a set of ideas that had been rolling in my right brain for quite sometime, but I did not develop an app for it, cos my left brain is not that of a coder's! In this blog-post I am uploading the two image files that explain the design concept, plus the mathematics that the design should run on.

Concept : When we use the touch screen based smart devices, the most used icons should progressively increase in size, while the least used icons decrease in size proportionately.
How : There is an incremental and decremental logic for the icon sizes to change, which works very similar to tag clouds where, the frequency of 'hits' on a particular word leads to the increase or decrease of its font-size.

Designs :  Well...You can always click to enlarge!  ;)

If you find this idea cool, please work on it! and Send me the link to the app, am waiting to see my idea in action!

The Tell-Tale Brain by V.S Ramachandran : Review

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

V.S. Ramachandran is celebrated as the "The Marco Polo of Neuroscience" by Richard Dawkins! One Genius can't be wrong about the other! can they?!

I found this book at Odyssey book store in ITPL, Bangalore. Not wasting a moment, bought it! Priced at Rs. 499/-- this I definitely felt was more precious than Eclipse or New Moon or even Lord of the Rings, which also are priced more or less the same.

Ramachandran is first among the many who diverted my lines of thinking into a more neurological, psychological and cognitive pattern. This book tagged "Unlocking the mystery of Human Nature" is definitely bound to pull many more able brains to this wonderful, yet relatively unexplored field of Science.

The teasers(which this book hardly needs) in the book cover's third paragraph inside reads,"The brain remains a mystery to us. How can a three pound mass of jelly that we can hold in our palm imagine angels, contemplate the meaning of infinity, and even question its own place in the cosmos?" Sounds interesting? Igniting a spark? Go ahead, make an investment.

His Robot Grlfriend, by Wesley Allison : Review

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Good start and pages went all good and sexy, but after chapter 6 the author/ daffodil/ even reader(me) couldn't know where the story was headed to and why, and the end followed my declined interest to finish the book. Down to Earth imagination!

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My website, REFRESHED!

Hi peeps,

It's great fun to be writing this now and then; as it gives me great happiness and fulfillment, to be informing you that my personal website , is now friendlier, more organized and sensible with respect to the information structuring. But this is what I feel it is, the website is for you to see, hence verdict is yours!

   You are welcome...