If you just had one year ahead to live...would you...

Would you be still working there? OR Do something that you always wanted to?

Would you still be saving money to start that business? OR Would you be up and running?

Would you still be putting up with those people? OR Choose to be with those whom you really like?

Would you still be hesitating? OR Ask him/her?

Would you still be in the relationship you are in now?

Would you be checking e-mails and Facebook every morning/moment? OR travel extensively and meet real people?

What hairstyle would you have?

What lifestyle would you keep? OR What lifestyle would you throw away?

What language would you learn?

What magazine/newspaper subscription would you choose to end?

Would you be reading all those books? OR Would you rather write that book of yours?

What's that thing that you always wanted to buy, but haven't bought yet?

Which pet will you keep? What will you name him/her?

What plants will live along with you, in your garden?

Will you tear away the mask, or choose to keep it till the last day...?