From TODO to just DO list

May be we should all just stop calling the TODO list the way it is called now, and just call it a DO! list. May be that way we could bypass the first bad assumption that the act of doing is somewhere far in the future, and the second bad assumption that the thing to be done can be done at any point of time in the future. Essentially, the word 'TO' brings in two uncertainties. So much for such a two lettered word!

A goal is meaningless without a date and time attached to it. Nothing ever gets done without a 'sense of urgency', borrowing words from Professor John P. Kotter, the author of the book "A Sense of Urgency", Harvard business school publishing, and from my Change Management professor Adam Carstens, both of whom have been connected in their professional lives in crafting a structured way of facilitating change management.

Again, no more TODO...just DO. Hmmm...may be Nike knew this all along.