In this page named "Little things", 
I write the little and usually ignored stuffs, especially in short durations, unlike the real articles which take weeks to be neatly drafted, where so much of time goes into playing safe, not hurting anyone's feeling etc...
In conventional terms the "little things" is what a blog is and is supposed to be...But my real blog articles(the other kind) are the ones you usually see in the home page!!

Everyone of us who ever had been in the slightest touch with the computers must have played car racing games. In those games, we race and strive to perform the best to earn credits/points. All this fury and rage is driven by one desire "to win", or by the plain pleasure of "playing the game" and what do we do with the points earned? We upgrade our cars, because it is our tool that enables success in the racing game. The best part is when we analyse the strategy that we apply to the game of life. Everytime we get out salaries or reap the profits of hardwork in business, it is wise to upgrade our ownself with good books, better gym membership, better outlook, travels etc, because in our game of life; nothing but we ourselves are the tools that enable success and excellence. Hence, if we fail to upgrade ourselves, all that we can play is at the same level! Also think of those life gamers who spend time and money (both of which are finite resources), on alcohol, luxuries and pleasures. They have dedicated energies to screw up their existing car with which they managed to win the present level in their game. So after successfully diminishing and demolishing all that they got, all they can play is at the same level or worse, at lower levels of the game. But friends, what good is a game when you move backwards?! 

What the Dogs can teach us...
Long long ago, very long ago... Animals and humans(who were very much comparable to animals then) lived in forests, or may be we should just call it the Earth, for then there was nothing else much altered like our world today.
But man was cursed with intelligence and reasoning. He started to dominate the planet we call our home. Lots of other stronger animals rebelled and revolted, but man was indomitable, albeit being physically weaker.
Men fought men, men fought animals, conquered lands, he wreaked havoc upon Earth.
And then came the Dog, as a subtle, cute, obedient, serving, domestic animal. Served a lot of purposes beneficial to humans.
In short dogs made the slight compromise of getting its ego out and adapting to the scenario. The present generation of domesticated dogs don't even know that they hail from a hunter breed much feared long ago. They just are living a happy luxurious life among us, in our homes, on our streets, eating our foods, often the leftovers!
Whereas to this day the Tiger never learnt the art of shedding the ego. Poor creature, it is on the brink of extinction.
Whos world is it anyway?

Non living things of the universe utilize the living things and their processes to transform themselves into what they wanted to become.
Stone was a wanna be statue, and hence all the non living things perfectly synchronised among themselves, conspired to form the living molecules and systems, which over many millenia synchronized and organized themselves.
As a result of which, we evolved. And among us were born great painters, sculptors and engineers who created and invented the furnitures, engines and man made marvels. Also was born the statue. The stone won. It is happy. Afterall the inanimate world invested huge spans of time in their labs to make their perfect biological intelligent robots called living things, assembled out of their own inanimate components. How can they be not happy, at the success of human evolution? Its our turn right now, we are now trying to make intelligent robots, that are not biological and made of inanimate components. The day we succeed, they succeed finally.

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