Organizations, Awesome people, Heaven and Hell

Long.. long... ago I heard this story from someone/somewhere. So long ago, that I have forgotten its source. So long ago, that the story has gone through version changes in my head.

The story is/was approximately like this:

"A good farmer died and ended up in hell. To his astonishment, hell was filled with all good people you can think of from our world's history. Yet, he was angry with the God as he was a good guy all his life. There he was - In Hell. God being a nice person sent him to Heaven, where he found all bad poeple you can think of throughout our world's history.


Confused enough, he asked God. "What's this all about?"

God told him that there was a small error and things got changed a little bit. The contents changed but the names, hell and heaven remained the same. However, to the astonishment of God was the fact that hell had become a better place to 'live' in. So much that God was spending 80% of his office hours in Hell, cos it was awesome now."

Moral of the story : The awesome organizations, the awesome teams and awesome products are the outcome of awesome people coming together. 

Question of the story : If you are a small part of a larger something, are you awesome enough?

Are you the one changing "Heaven to Hell ...or... Hell to Heaven"?