Some other Parents? NO THANKS!

It was December 14th, 2011 that my parents left Bangalore, and moved to Tamil Nadu. From that day to Jan 4th, 2012, it has been a wonderful learning experience for me. (more about the learning in the next post)..

One valuable thing that I realized was this....

Had I gotten the curse of having anybody else other than this particular combo of mom and dad, I would not have been the success that I am today. 

And when I say success...if your question was, "what actually has this guy achieved? Money? Status? President of United States? Won the world cup?....etc

That's exactly what I meant. My parents helped me realize that success doesn't really have to be the above mentioned "self-imposed-definitions" about yourself. It simply means : winning over hearts and your ability to make other people give you a genuine smile.




My mom finally chose to display my painting in the show-case of our home. It was painted a year ago. I mean... which mom would be comfortable with a painting by her son that is an lustful rendition of a nude woman, and added to the chrome are accessories like smoke, hookah and wine. And to sum it all up, a set of footprints above them! She understood the meaning, and that's what makes her special. 





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