Thinking out of the bubble

The box is a harmless comfort zone, with five sides perfectly closed and sealed, and one side open to let you breath. Seriously, you don't lose anything by living within the box. However, when you think out of the box, it does have its advantages. And most often you are rewarded handsomely for having thought out of the box.

Whereas, thinking out of the Bubble may not be all that rewarding. But NOT thinking out of the bubble can be downright punishing. Some bubbles of note are your identity, your job, your passion, you etc. Your bubble is not what you are, it's what you think you are. It makes you float higher and progressively higher, and reaches an unsustainable altitude and then bursts. Hence, thinking out of your bubble can really ease many a bubble bursts, as and when they come.

Common known constants, beautiful paintings, and words we both know.

His knowledge can only reach her, in terms of what they both already know. I really wish to explain you this, but If I were to do that, I would use words, sometimes in writing and sometimes by speaking. Because words have a specific meaning, and the speaker uses them in a particular sequence/combination, often coupled with some rules, to convey a message. This transfer of messages is communication, and a communication is only successful when both the parties receive what has been sent, with absolute accuracy. So knowledge can only spread via the common known constants. Right now between you and me, it's the words that we both have agreed upon to be the common known constant. And that's why paintings are beautiful.