HIV Love: short story

Life imposed some changes on him.

He was in a new land, eating new foods and speaking new language.

With all things new, a new woman too came by.

There was something deep about her.

A dark secret hidden amidst her fearless look at all things life.

This intrigued him. A new love. She was hesitant.

He wanted to share his life with her. She was hesitant.

She was dying from the inside, her immunity was the food for another organism.

The remnant of an unclean past. The soul was now cleaner.

But little did the virus understand her now better soul.

The virus had a genetic karma to kill her.

He wanted to share his life with her. He loved her, still.

He loved her, hence he now chose to share her death.

They went ahead to love and live, until death unite them apart.

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