Little Deeds of Greenness@Greatness

I keep looking out for little deeds, knowingly or unknowingly, committed by people, that is an act worth a praise. There is a tea shop in National Games Village, where people (educated!) litter the place with loads of soft drink bottles, cigarette's behinds! and anything that isn't edible.

The shop owner is a man of his own kind, 'punctual', 'God fearing', 'money minded', 'mature' and 'cleanliness freak'. Of these I do not know which makes him collect these bottle caps and sell them. But somehow I was happy that once in three days, these Aluminium caps start their journey to get recycled.

"Little deeds of "Green"ness, little works of clean;
Make our Earth an Eden, like the Heaven above."

Thank God Julia A. Carney is dead, but I am sure she too would be happy with me tweaking her lines ;)

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