Concept of God: Wikipedia Model

Author note: The definition is stupid because it was defined long back, with insufficient knowledge. God needs to be redefined now and then like how a Wikipedia page is updated as and when the information is generated. In fact, the concept of God is more crucial than a Wikipedia page, simply because a majority incessantly refers to it, religiously. It needs to be filled with the correct information.

Else, the concept of God would cease to exist, like how an outdated Wikipedia page would cease to exist, or worse, it would not be trusted anymore.

What good is God the concept, if not trusted?

P: If you say God might/might not exist, then why do you go to temples and church?
Q: I go there because temples and churches exist. Whether God lives there? I don't know.
P: What does that mean?
Q: Temples exist, churches exist, people exist, religions exist. All exist in a so far  fairly successful attempt to inject moral into humans, who are just a better evolved version of our animal ancestors. So I believe in them.
P: Then why just not in the God?
Q: I don't know. I am not convinced with the hype that concept/factor has been inflated to. Especially with the way the human's have designed that concept by personifying it and giving it myriad possibilities of characteristics and personalities.
P: You say the generations of wisdom and the moral fiber is wrong?
Q: I really don't understand why would the wise men who could contemplate the necessity for a strong framework that could hold the social animals from going berserk, choose the concept called God, to set up a moral constitution. It is just plain creative. Well, to that creativity that came up with the architecture of the churches, I pay my due respects.
P: So what according to you is God?
Q: The Least common Multiple of all the unique thinking patterns of the society. The beauty however is that the Least common multiple turns out to be 1. The concept of God.
P: Why 1?
Q: whatever the number you might have in mind, just multiply it with 1, and you will get what you had in mind. So you are never disappointed. So is the concept of God. You need it to save yourself of the mental burden and disappointments. A psychological refuge.
P: That's plain maths...sounds silly to me. You cannot convince me. Try, if you can.
Q: O.K. What if...I take away hunger and death and the need to reproduce away from you? Would you need the concept of God?
P: Ah, blasphemy. Only God can do that.
Q: Or worse, If I can make you immortal, would you accept me as the God?
P: Stupidity.
Q: Yes, that's what I say. The definition is stupid.


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