If All is Well, Then why so serious?!

    Millennia ago, the intelligent race of humans was not so intelligent. They were just another kind of animals who were moved by two important factors/purposes of survival, hunger and reproduction (the collective responsibility of the a species to sustain the species).

Then with progressing generations, there came the kind of humans who were unhappy with the present state of things. They re-thought everything, leading to raw food becoming Processed food, the animal colonies gained strength in numbers leading to civilizations, kingdoms and governments, caves became homes, trees became furnitures, metal and petroleum from deep beneath the earth became zippo lighter!

Then a word was coined. "Technology".

To this day the range of activities and products that come under this umbrella term is increasing in geometric progression.

My friend caveman after being with me for a considerable amount of time (from the time I started blogging!), he has picked up some lingo from me. Seriously.

He asked me..."Dude, I invented fire and made my life easier, I could store cooked food for longer periods of time and eat them when I starved. Fire made my life easier"

I was thinking why was this bearded freak saying this to me.

Then he went on, "You have this black colored box which you open in the morning and close at night, another piece of stone that you constantly keep touching now and then in different places...blah blah blah.."
I interrupted. Freak... that's a laptop and mobile phone.

He asked me what do I use them for and I told him, "Look you freak, these things are beyond your understanding, these things make my life easier, I communicate (I mean, talk) faster and louder(in terms of distance)", I could somehow feel this guy was understanding it cent percent, after all he was the dude who invented fire!

Then he started to go into his deep state of thinking, which to an untrained set of eyes would look like a retarted person meditating. And in a moment he snaps back coming near me..."Oh, freak", I say, "don't you ever do that sudden action as if you are gonna hunt me, ever again...I mean EVER, Damn...". Then I calmed down, and asked him what the hell did he realize, wich made him jump with energy?

Then this guy asks me.."If your boxes are supposed to make your lives easier, then why is that you carry it always? in car? and on bed during sex why do you touch the box as much you touch the female? while having food?... but still you say there is work pressure, you are always tensed and have hardly seen you smile or laugh heartily. Don't you compare my fire, with your box...I'll eat you for my next dinner, I warn you."

All this was fine...but finally he called me by the same name I had called him always..."Freak"

Hmmm...now how do I react?!

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