whats a green roof?

I was selected as a climate champion this year for my idea on green roofs as a mitigation strategy for climate change mitigation. A lot pf people have been asking me how different is a green roof different from a roof top garden...
Now thats a good question...The point is roof gardening is about growing plants on roof tops ,usually in pots or in containers that have soil, this vessel/pot/container is the layer that separates the roof and the soil with plants.
Green roof does not have this layer, and is a lot more complicated!

Pictures always mean a lot (what would you prefer? me describing a girl in a beautifully written paragraph or a single picture of hers???!!! ) Thats exactly why I am adding some links that hold the pics of some beautifully designed green roofs...

Green roofs for healthy cities...youtube vid.
WATCH THIS--A MUST WATCH>>>lovely video on green roofs' benefits...

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