Why a sickness is no less than a blessing?

Anyone who follows me closely on twitter either knows by my long absence or by my updates from the net cafe that I just recovered from a very serious viral fever and allied diseases! lemme just give you the list.
It started with fever, then the temperature shooted dangerously high to 104 degree, so started intensive medication…the Hopeless Acura(a multispeciality clinic in Koramangala, Bangalore) doctors gave such an intensive medication that I can hardly stand now, nor can I talk! From the stomach to the mouth its all ulcers!

BUT HEY! one thing… Being an optimist I always say, enjoy every single chance you get to enjoy. I have a very long experience of enjoying such sicknesses, right from chicken pox, to typhoid to jaundice (am a kind of immune man now!)

But the post title is why a sickness is no less than a blessing?
TRUE, and to make complete sense one more thing has to be brought to your notice, that is throughout this illness, my laptop was inactive hence my internet inaccessible, all because my acer laptops charger pin got an illness!

The day just before I got ill, which was about 15 days after my Engineering course was over, I had a very strange and powerful feeling. The feeling my dad always advised me to overcome and wanted me to learn to enjoy that feeling.

It was nothing but “boredom”. But hey, 4 years of fast paced engineering routine, fast info gathering in internet, fast reading, fast comprehension and fast exams, fast sleeps….fast fast and only fast…and how can you expect me to slow down all of a sudden!?!?

But I did, I had to. I wonder whose wavelegth was tuned to read my mind’s turbulence and the boredom signals that amplitude modulated my thought waves! I fell sick.

But during this sickness I had to slow down, no internetm no fast moves, no bike riding…finally had to turn to books!

The moment I touched a book, the first thought that brought a smile on my face was this…” I was once on the internet too deeply searching for an information for my nanotech project. Slowly internet was so much a genie that reading papers, books everything vanished in no time. I even thought with internet being there why would someone read books slowly for months and then get to comprehend on some issue (eg.thing like AIDS in Africa, global meltdown etc)”

how foolish…A sickness is no less than a blessing

Sickness is bound to make you feel uncomfortable, and when you feel uncomfortable or at dis-ease you are out of your comfort zone, thats when you try new stuffs and at times we get to know that there are other beautiful things than our regular routine!

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