Whose fault is it anyway?

Having reached 22 years of age and having completed my under graduation in B.E Biotechnology, I must not be writing this page/article and in fact I should be giving reasons like I am not interested or I don't have the time etc for not writing this article on this subject, which should actually be irrelevant to me.

But sadly,I am writing this article by dedicating lavish time and thought, for this article to obtain a good shape and sense. What does "lavish" time and thought mean here? Well, it just means that I am not working presently for any organization/company. But the respected Tata Consultancy Services(TCS) has already given me a job through campus recruitment,making me a faithful engineer just waiting for his joining date call, to start serving the company, the company that braved to recruit us(The B.E Biotechnologys), and also has 100% optimism that they can turn us into productive assets for the organization. I
love you, TCS.

But hey, shouldn't I be working in a Biotechnology, Pharmaceutic or some Bio______ company? then why am I not?
do you say? its my fault?? then I say...NO
do you say? its the companies' lack of confidence on undergraduates workforce is the fault? No no...a big NO.

In a country like India, where even the grass blade has to undergo the worst of sufferings to prove itself to be worthy living and to survive, how would I even dare to say that, its the Biotechnology companies that should hire us and train us? its just illogical.

These companies are the outcome of so many hardships, obstacles tackled and innumerable visions. How can one expect them to bet on the unskilled workforce.

Did I just say "unskilled"! Oops, well thats a word which if an undergraduate Biotechnology student says to a journalist, he also places a request that his name not be disclosed!

but I am proud (and equally unhappy) to accept this fact. I do know that for any person to be in the learning phase of his life (irrespective of his age), he must accept the hard fact and learn to say "yes, its true...I don't know" and should also let go off the ego and say "please, teach me"!

So whose fault is it anyway?

Is it the fault of his/hers/theirs' who made the syllabus theoretical?

Is it the fault of him/her who "gets" "the accreditations" to his college, that pathetically lacks the infrastructure required.

Is it the fault of the authorities who help the private college "businessmen" in "getting" the accreditations, for the material benefits they "get", as the dog biscuits!

Is it the fault of the student who rebels so much with his parents for his long hair liberty, for his rights to wear the worn+torn jean, but has pathetically and pusillanimously forgot to rebel with the faculty and the college chairman, asking 
for the infrastructure and the materials he/she needs to equip himself with the knowledge (theoretical+practical) that the industry demands in him.

Isn't the fault on the student, who settled for an easy option of getting his  undergraduate degree project done in some lab (so called training centers/ finishing schools!), that which gets everything done, even the reports! and then submit it merrily!
The faculty knows this, the external examiner who judges his project work knows this, the parents know this. But why is this a "Ok" and accepted strategy now?

Because its good to play safe! The student feels his burdens reduced, parents get the assurance that the kid although may not score high, but will surely not fail. The teachers and faculty support this because it saves them the time and effort, so this is the WIN-WIN situation that has been created, that makes it "OK" with everyone. But this is the vicious cycle that is creating a Lose-lose situation.

I wish someone had said this, so that I could quote this saying in this page with his/her name below it. But having nobody said this before, I now say this...

"The whole concept of business conspires around luxury and laziness"
"your ignorance is someone's profit, someone's ignorance yours"

SO, now if you had chosen the compromised ways, then life gives you compromised option in the future.

There was one history teacher of mine whom I hated the most, but she was the one who told us the saying that I love the most,
" All that differentiates extraordinary from the ordinary is an extra"

SO WHOSE FAULT IS IT? I leave it to your intellect and good judgment...let me know by commenting below.

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