The glue that holds together a book with no pages

The glue that holds together a book with no pages.

We tend to become a part of a religion by birth or by choice. The concept of religion and God often thrills me and inspires me a lot, more than awe or respect towards it, I am often amazed by the prominence that both these concepts have gained. Any person of science generally disregards the concept of God, denying the existence of God, or worse... may even consider this as an act of folly!

But at this moment of Humanity's existence; especially considering that the entire period of humanity's existence till date, is in itself is a very short tenure compared to the long proud history of transformation and metamorphosis of life and death that the Earth has seen; it is very much safe to conclude that Humanity is still immature to survive without the concept of God, and the sheer fact that we have a long list of problems that don't really have to prevail, namely terrorism, pervertion, biases, casteism and whatever-ism, bears testimony to this. So, having said all that, now I can bravely express my opinion over this issue, and to be frank its not a very new idea. It has always been there and many humans who thought and lived better (in the contributions they have done to the world and humanity) than me, have and still do believe in this ideological inclination. I believe in this too, and it says, "Even if God doesn't exist, it is absolutely a neccessity to invent him". Now this is a very crude statement, but humanity is definitely not mature enough to handle itself with care!

Having been born in Hinduism, I was luckily positioned to understand this religion. Although not a master of it (well nobody can master a religion, as it is not martial arts..), I can still see the big picture and the big mistake that has been committed in the comprehension of the ideology. The thinkers who laid the backbone of the religion, comprehended science like none other. They never wanted the concept of God to be created, they just depicted the principles of good living ('Good' here points to a way of life that does no harm to others, while not compromising on the personal fulfillments;in short living a wise life) although the practice of which was left absolutely to the choice of its practicers/followers. Hinduism created many distinct characters like Ram, Krishna, Karna, Shakuni etc in its Epics, and characters like Gargi and Maitreyi in Upanishads, all with one idea in mind, for 'us' to learn living.

All that is fine. But apart from advices and teachings on how to live, Hinduism laid a lot of emphasis on Science and understanding of life. It discusses a lot on things like elements that constitute life on Earth, and on how there is sharing of a common energy that runs across everything,(both living and non-living on this planet), to be more precise, the entire universe(in fact it could also be a multiverse...who knows?!) . I invite you to think of it, or better, see it in your mind's television. Imagine the fire(the molten lava), wind (a whirlwind), water (your favorite river), earth(bhumi)(a seed sprouting out of humid fertile soil), aakasha (the aether/ether that pervails everywhere). Now for some of you, it might just be a simple known thingy, but imagine an American/African reading wouldn't make much sense I guess. The same would have been the case when our ancestors who came up with this thinking and idea, wanted to impart this inference about the nature onto the next generation and pass-on the information to all the generations to come. So with the generations, we have come to know this just the way we know the alphabets of our language.

And moreover the concept makes perfect sense. If you wish to put my statement to test, just imagine this. You, I and pretty much everything else in the universe is made of controlled, stipulated, precise amounts of the same elements that make the earth,fire,wind,water,ether. Just take one single element, say.... water out of you, what are you after that? No big difference, its just that you are no more living, but we can never deny that all the materials that ever existed, that came into us to make us what we are, still does exist and will constitute something else. So, if thats true, then you and I must in every probability be carrying atleast one atom of hydrogen that constituted the dinosaurs long long ago or may be even that which constituted Einstein, or if Hinduism epics were true, we share a few atoms of Ram and Krishna, or Jesus or Buddha.. who knows(I mean...if they ever existed)?!
So the big picture was to comprehend the fact that we live in a universe, where change is the only constant happening, which is bound to happen. And in this process, we are not allowed to forget that we should not bring about small/huge changes that leads to bad things in others lives. That is why the logic of Karma was created by Hindus.

Nobody really had to create a think tank and come up with such ideas, its just that Hinduism has been there for quite a long time on this planet, so the idea had enough time to evolve into what it has become today. The concept, the ideas, the thoughts were too many, if only we could compare every single idea to be a free page, it would be really hard for any clerk to organize it. So the pages of hinduism had to be hard bound, so that they don't fly/fade away with time. And the innovation they came up with was the concept of God and religion. God and Religion, are awesome and failproof innovations that fuels itself with the fears, insecurities and diffidence of humanity. Can't digest the statement? Fine...let me ask you a question..."Would the concept of God exist if man had no limitations namely hunger, lust and love?" Simple as that right?!

Hence the Religion and the concept of God was the glue intended to hold these pages of wisdom in place, and for the book to stay integral. But unfortunately, its just the glue that remains and the glue now has no idea what is it binding together, but the glue has gained prominence and we worship the glue, while the papers have been long lost.

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