The corporate biscuit 2.0

A lot of people ask me these questions
why do I never wear casuals on Fridays,
why don't I come in ethnic wear on the ethnic day,
why is that I get offended when we have to wait in queue to get the food(often overpriced) from KFC, McDonalds, and Pizza..s
My answer is simple! I don't wish to eat the corporate biscuit.

    This blog articles of mine again falls back to Taylor! Please read the article below this one, named "corporate biscuit"!
Corporate biscuit!...Goshhh...I love this term!

We are increasingly/mostly working for the developed nations, wearing their dress, eating their foods, and being culturally closest to them within our possible limits. We have become cultural half breeds, shying away from our our national identity and not comfortable with foreign cultures and its shock!
We are definitely in a transition phase.

In this phase I feel uncomfortable to eat this corporate biscuit, which is designed in such a way that we scientifically, psychologically and culturally adapt ourselves to become something we are not.

I might be wrong, may be you are very comfortable with waiting in queues for your half cooked yummy genetically "thought about and designed" (not engineered! Don't sue me!) chicken, fine...I appreciate your levels of comfort and adaptation in this transitional phase.

My question is...why is that we find it so hard to stand in queues in our Nationalized banks and passport offices, moreover a fat bank balance and a passport are definitely healthier than the junk foods!

And yeah...Casual on Fridays and ethnic wear!
    Our feeble resistance to our own disliking towards the changes that we willingly subject ourselves to.

Well, I might definitely sound like a lunatic!
    But dear readers, if you fall under the category or the generation who heartily embraced the transition, thanks to you, because you made India, into what it is today...A Developing Nation.

Whereas I call upon all those who are uncomfortable with all this, to start living to make India, A Developed Nation. In that case, we absolutely have no luxury to eat the corporate biscuit!

For most of the times, I have always been mistaken, I am sure this article succeeded to be mistaken as well. Can't help!
So, let me clearly put in bulleted points, what I DID NOT mean in this article.

  •  I am not asking you to stop working for the Developed Nations, if we don't we can never learn the art fo developing!
  •  I am not blaming the foreign countries here...Thank you for seeing the potentiality of India as a country and Indians as a workforce.
  •  McDonalds and KFC...don't take me wrong...I love your chickens, but Indians please don't mind standing in queue at our own very dear banks...India escaped recession with jsut bruises because of the nationalized banks! Not convinced? ask the real economists, who usually don't talk in media for cameras.

What I MEANT to say...
  • This is a globalized economy, information era.
  •  We serve our services to developed nations, they pay us, we buy their foods and give it back!
  • Nothing wrong with that, all this is just a beautiful design, and to twist this design to our benefit, while not losing the benefits it offers us, and to make way for the development of India as a Nation, is entrusted upon U and Me. Lets act fast.

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