A feedback Based Iconic Interface for smart devices

Note : The important stuff of the blog starts after first three priming paragraph! So please don't loose cool yet!

A few months ago, LG mis-conducted an online competition for designers. The designers were asked to come up with a totally new rethinking of the technologies and their designs that we have presently. The example design put up on their website was something like a fan with a remote control. I felt there was something about this initiative, that was worth a praise and also worth a try. So I gave it a shot.

The funny part was that, I missed the deadline to upload the entry, and when I saw the webpage, it said I could still upload cos the deadline was extended (Good for me!), hence I uploaded happily. The date was extended once again after a few days again! I waited, waited and waited...then there came a time when I stopped checking the website for results! Not very professional isn't it?!?

This experience somehow influenced me when I bought my android phone, though I liked LG optimus, I had this compelling feeling which never allowed me to buy it, I rather bought Motorola Backflip, and I love it!

I mentioned that I uploaded my designs right? Yes, these designs were a set of ideas that had been rolling in my right brain for quite sometime, but I did not develop an app for it, cos my left brain is not that of a coder's! In this blog-post I am uploading the two image files that explain the design concept, plus the mathematics that the design should run on.

Concept : When we use the touch screen based smart devices, the most used icons should progressively increase in size, while the least used icons decrease in size proportionately.
How : There is an incremental and decremental logic for the icon sizes to change, which works very similar to tag clouds where, the frequency of 'hits' on a particular word leads to the increase or decrease of its font-size.

Designs :  Well...You can always click to enlarge!  ;)

If you find this idea cool, please work on it! and Send me the link to the app, am waiting to see my idea in action!

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