The Hindu Bangalore Edition "Mummified" - 1/6/2011

This is "The Hindu", Bangalore Edition on a Wednesday morning. The newspaper was, is and will always be celebrated for its clarity, crispness and the quality of News. The Hindu is one of few dailies that holds onto the brave old school journalism.

The Hindu has a code of their own and still thrives with an DNA that has neither mutated nor evolved with the modern schools of journalism.

Well, all the above defines what the daily "The Hindu" is. This blog-post was written because there was something very deviant from the normal "The Hindu" behavior. The Bangalore (a state in Karnataka, India) edition had one entire page of AIADMK's scheme to give free rice (Tamilian's staple food) to every home in Tamil Nadu. The DMK was famous for their dead cheap rice, and now the scheme evolves with elections into "rice is free". How many Governments across the world does that? But I just hope that it doesn't spell 'Kaput' to the breed famous for hard-work : The Tamils. My uncles and their competitors alike, who run Lorry service businesses complain that they don't get workers. ROFL...How would they?!

Conclusion : None made. I am usually sleepy in the mornings. Good time to blog, but bad time to be judgmental.

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