Ledface Question: My answer

I recently discovered an interesting idea inspired website called Ledface.

It is based on collective intelligence (your knowledge and my knowledge, with an algorithm connecting it). Try it for yourself. Ledface is right now in testing/polishing stages, I joined with an invitation sent by the dev team, as I got to know them on twitter. I really loved the registration process. Whether you use the website or not, I would recommend you giving a shot at the registration, for it is a little thought about and crazy approach, that craftily uses the new age media to gather information from you. And there were just 4 text-boxes I filled; virtually no painful form-filling! and remaining steps were absolute fun. More like a game.

In the site, u ask questions, and get answers too. How different it will be from yahoo answers or the numerous numbers of forums crawling in the Internet with loads of crappy content... we do not know yet.

I tried a question...

There was one question that I answered in Ledface.
The question was "What does the science hold for the future?"
It made me brainstorm a bit, and I took a second to copy what I typed and here they are...
Cognitively enhanced humans, self-actualized robots, telepathic communication, telekinetic transportation, universal conscience, world-peace or total destruction, warmer/colder world & suitably adapted living organisms, cars running on levitation, electricity from human movements, one-world-one-language-one-currency, one language for humans and computers, man-made biological and robotic species.
Let's wait and see, what the above answer becomes with the magic of their algorithm;
Let's also wait and see, what Ledface turns out to be. I wish them luck and support.

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