A Story of your Light

It was the first day when the planet's very primitive forms of life finally evolved, being able to capture light and feed on it. It took a huge chunk of time for the non living chemicals living in synchronized harmony as the first living cells to realize that using light as the source of energy was a highly economic and brilliant idea.

He was called the "Sun catcher", by the other cells that had a sharp jealousy over the serendipitous spark of genius that this cell unwittingly possessed. He caught the light, photon by photon and employed them in his ceaseless factory, designed for survival. It was the kind of perfect industry, that the humans to come much later, could never ever duplicate with any match in efficiency. Yet, the sun catcher never knew his/her/its greatness.

The photon that got captured the very first day in this industry, had to loose it's energy unwillingly. For else, the photon would be left lingering in the space with no purpose and no end. It succumbed to it's fate. The photon was now a slave, a white slave. A slave stripped of all it's energies.

The cell had the exploited energy in itself and used it for narcissistic sexual gratification. For the Gods saw no purpose as to why would the cell need to have a male and a female counterpart. The cells that lived then could never possibly sin, if sinning was to be defined in the words of the humans, who defined God and guessed what the God might not like on the basis of their limited mental faculties. The humans assumed they were right, for the animals were still too primitive to question them. And we humans who succeeded them, still carry the legacy of the animals, for we still haven't questioned anything.

The cells just could not sin. It was not in their design to sin. They just could have sex with themselves. The present day religions have classified that under sin too. So may be cells did sin afterall. But that was very long before Adam and Eve evolved, and much before they got named Adam and Eve, and became the characters of a book that would be read widely once humans learnt to read and write.

The poor photon was still nowhere to be seen. How can you see a being who has lost his identity. But the cell went on. She/he reproduced and went on and on. One fine day, death embraced them all. Earth had engulfed it all.

The photon, which was a miniscule mass of splattered blood of a distant star, was now deep withing the Earth's womb. Not strictly as a photon, as the physicists would love to disagree, but as an altered form of energy. Only this time with some mass and form.

Outside the womb, by then, on Earth's skin evolved a peculiar life form, resembling Adam and Eve, that was helplessly dependent on external energy sources ranging from petroleum to electricity. The ways to make these energy sources was invented by cells in the human's brain that never ever could talk to any photons.

Yet, the pains of the first few photons, somehow mysteriously got communicated to the cells in the human's brain. They invented ways to transform energy.The Earth's womb was poked in a key hole surgery, and the blood was sucked out. The coals were burnt to release heat, a distant cousin of the photons. Electricity was synthesized. Ironically enough, Man would die if he were to drink or eat this electricity. Yet, he couldn't live without it.

Metals have always had a place in this universe. They could burst stars in a matter of milliseconds, yet man could melt them and attach it to the hoofs of the animals he domesticated. They could let electricity pass through them, yet were not very friendly with light.

Hu-man ruled the planet by now. Neither the sun catcher, nor the first photon knew this.
Electricity was flowing through the metals. They ended up at a terminal, only to finally lose their identity and form. It was the end of a device humans called a "screen", and from the end was liberated the old white slave. The photon, having been enslaved for several million years now , finally saw the humans who have liberated him and helped him gain his identity again.

And he saw You, as you are reading this line from your "screen". In a grateful manner he hit your face with a photonic greeting and started his journey into the future.

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