The 7 billion population. What it means and what not.

We the Humans have reached a huge 7 million world population. I wonder why have the mathematicians still not calculated the K-constant for Humans!?

 @UN : in twitter said on : "Days from now, the human family will welcome its 7 billionth member.  Online countdown clock: #UN4U #7billion "

 @UN : "Monday: Population analysts estimate the world's population is now #7billion! What's your  story?"

The following were few other voices on twitter...unique eyes, unique views. It is this diversity that makes us keep ticking doesn't it.

 RT @14_yr_old_Etard: 5,484 children sexually assaulted and 1,408 others killed in different parts of  India last year, and here we are celebrating the #7Billion

 @ndtv : #Philippines welcomes symbolic '7 billionth baby'


Well, one thing is sure. Everytime such a "you-can-be-world-famous" opportunity knocks the doors, India is an early bird to catch it, as always. 

Every second many are born and a little lesser than those born, die. This is why the population is rising. So essentially the chances of a child being born in a particular geographic location is a pure probabilitistic outcome.

So why India? Why Not China?

For that matter why not even Nigeria or Siberia?

That is because, probability is a very fragile system whose accuracy can be jeopardised by even the dumbest of factors, like media interference, psychological factors, the way the data in interpreted and the number of distortive factors go on till infinity+1 .

My instict says the 7 billionth Indian baby has a rival for the title in China or even any other geographic location, can never say. It is bad to speak as if only the Chinese and the Indians reproduce in the whole wide world. But that is exactly how people across nations see India and China! The world nations go a step ahead and assumed themselves to be the Lord of the Rings and China is seen as the the Dark empire eyeing on the Ring, to get world domination.

But as any wise person would guess, I don't think Chinese government ,people and media, unlike the Indian government ,people and media respectively, would like to bring this news to the forefront and let the media have a Gala time. The Chinese knew it long back that they will be screwed if the 7 billionth contribution to the human gene pool has Chinese gene. They have really tried hard to avoid this burden, which Indians happily embraces and enjoyed.

Have a look:



...Mmmmyyy Preccciiiooouuussssss......!!!

Don't worry world nations...I will talk to China and India about that.


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