Being selfish, for good.

It is only human to be selfish. Or better, it is only natural of all living things to be selfish. Self preservation is built into the very core of our behavioral DNA. The very purpose of life is to live, especially to live long enough to leave behind a progeny, so that the species continues to live on. Or better if the time permits may be leave behind a great idea or a product for the generations to come. Hence, it is very important and only natural to be selfish, and make time and resources for yourself.

I typed (about two months ago) this as I was watching a man in his sixties struggling to walk inside the bus (yes, while it is moving), he was definitely not healthy enough to maintain balance and walk firm. He could well have been, had he chosen, a few years ago, to be selfish for his own health. He could have been selfish and could have spent some time and money everyday to keep himself healthy. But he did not, because he had other priorities to attend to. His family, kids, parents, relations, work, aging parents and the same stuffs that we all have and must attend to in our lives on a daily basis. And now it was his turn, to transfer the burden to his kids and be the aging parent. And The cycle goes on.

Be selfish, for good. Loving yourself, at least for the important others! Hmmm...Interesting.

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