The Indian Doppelganger syndrome

Gandhi was a man who saw this coming very clearly. Thats why he gave us the "Three Monkeys", that say "See no evil, Say no evil, Hear no evil", but my education taught me that saying bad things meant using dirty words, and may be now they are teaching see no evil means pornography...but it took me 23 years of introspection to understand what this man wanted to convey. He says, say no to negativity and be more open towards positivism! What a visionary within that puny man.

The common wealth games are up and running, we have finally delivered the promise, not much to the world's awe but to every Indian's awe! "shame"... Everyone of us who watches Indian news channels and reads Indian newspapers must have seen the dark gloomy clouds that the media positioned over the CWG site in Delhi. In fact for a moment they convinced me to think against my own country, and make me blurt "WTF is happening here man...such a shame"?

That is exactly when I realized that I have this Doppelganger syndrome like all other Indians. We all in this country have a propensity to love our country and behave as if lacking patriotism is a crime (well... In a way it actually is ;) ), but the big picture is that it is very superficial. I would compare it to a boyfriend who makes it a point that he says "I love you" to his girl every single morning and night to reiterate the fact that they are in love and they better not get diverted with someone else!

 "We are Indians", "we love India", "mera Bharat mahaan" etc, we love saying this, don't we?! The same superficial Indian curses everything we got in India, from politicians to film is a check list! See which one you use the most...?!

1. These roads...God knows what the government is doing with all the tax money.

2. Hopeless politicians, they are just keen on making money...clearly they confused politics to be a career option, that requires no educational criterion to get employed/involved in it.

3. Education system in India sucks big time...don't know when all this will change, exams exams exams...all that we try to do is to act like a USB memory stick, and forget the processor in us!

4. The younger generation has hardly any values, God knows where India is heading to with this generation that loves casual sex and drugs, the generation that which sleeps late and gets up late.

5. The petrol price is high, and this traffic makes my cash flow into the atmosphere through my car's ass.

6. The television channels are so bad, the programs are so offending, is the government watching?

7. Who sends me all this advertisement messages, calls from banks and messages from Dr.Batra's? why isn't TRAI concerned about all this at all, BTW what are they concerned about actually?

8. What films we make?! yuck...have you seen Guy Ritchie's, Danny Boyle's, Quentin Tarantino's, Martin Scorcese's movies? Thats the real deal man...When will we ever have movies like that?

9. Stop expecting more...this is a blogpost, not a research paper! The next point is the best one!!! our favorite! and the last one...

10." Common Wealth Games :( " say no more...ha ha

We have clearly got so much negativity about our own country. But let me help us get to the roots of it, through my favorite mechanism..."Questioning".
?    Q: What is a country?
?    A: You, me and similar things put together.

?    Q: Where is the problem?
?    A: How much did you pay for your kid's schooling, medical or engineering course fee (I mean the Undocumented money!) ?
?    How come paying extra Rs.1000/-- gets you a fancy number for your bike and Rs.4000/-- for your car? Did you get the bill for it?!
?    Did you get the bill for the single strip of paracetamol you bought recently?
?    Did you demand bill for the fuel you filled in your vehicle's fat belly?
?    ''congratulations'', you just did your bit to screw up the system! HOW???
?    -->>> You didn't get bill, the money went undocumented, government got no tax, Government is angry, cos it never knew that you got your stuff, and paid money for it, because Government never got its share, so she decides to support herself by making your commodity costlier, so that the little taxes that manage to reach the government gets proportionately larger in magnitude.
?    By the way, forgot to will you repay the education loan for your kid who is still unemployed because of the poor education quality that was thrust upon him? especially when your paycheck is so miniscule? when was the last time a bribe supported this cause?! ;)
?    Got a fattened medical bill from hospital for claiming it from your office? we start stealing from the employers haven't we? Now...the employer is angry, so lesser claims encouraged, you are now enraged! can't help it!

Can't help it...because this vicious downward loop is here to stay, till when we have this syndrome treated. Wanna know whats the best part?!

Nobody but ourselves can treat this syndrome.
Did you just say..."conclude fast"?! Fine...

Just for a change...U do that...

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