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I recently happened to get the link of this video in my mail Inbox, because as a fan of you get the inside scoop as and when good videos are added in The title astonished me! "Understanding the rise of China", every word of it was true. But my interest to watch the video was fuelled by the desire to understand how can the people (the basic and the most important asset of a country) be highly supportive of all the measures that the State subjects them to.

In the process I understand that its not the Government thats strong, but that the people are strong in their minds. The relationship of the State and the society is like that of a parent and child, or husband and wife, as most of what keeps the relation running and happy is more often than not 'Trust' and 'Dogmatic Faith'.

Here in India and even in the west we often have a rebellious attitude and not much of trust for the State. Yes, face it. It's true.

Look at our morning papers, the first thing we see in the media is a negative news. They don't stop there, they criticize China too, as if we are all clean and happening big time! Sarkozy and Tiger Wood's personal life is what our media likes to talk the most about and not about the great things that are happening in India or the World generally. Why is that we are dead set on seeing the wrong things and saying wrong things. Gandhi knew this Indian mentality very well, he gave the three monkeys well in advance. I guess they are dead by now!

Martin Jacques: Understanding the rise of China | Video on

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