The Books as I see them

        Books have always been called man's best friend, true it must be, for friends have a peculiar knack of telling you what you need to hear and more importantly in the right time, and most often (but not always) in a way that does not heavily scratch our ego. Good friends are hard to be found nowadays. Ever wondered why you call your office co-worker a "colleague" and not "friend"? The simplest explanation is that he/she is a potential competitor to your career growth, just the way you are one for them. Robin Sharma, often says that if you ever have the curiosity to know as to what will you be five years from now, all you need to analyze is the people you meet and the books you read, for they have a very profound influence on what you will turn into in your immediate future.

        The reason the books command such a respect in a reading human's feelings, can be explained in a few comfort zones that the books help us to stay in. Firstly, we read books by our choice, ranging from the topic to the author, it's all our choice. Secondly, unlike friends books don't try to convince you until or unless you decide to get yourself convinced over a issue; for we often take a book to make a decision, among the two or three options that we already got in mind.

        Many authors have spoken lot about books, I feel a different love towards books. Let me explain how do I feel about reading and keeping books. Books are written by humans, the type of humans I prefer calling "the working men of the highest order", just because the works are the outcome of the influence of his/her higher faculties, which includes the physical system and the intellect .The latter is not an essential component involved in the products of a normal working man, the product that could be a line of laid bricks, or pounds of raw heaped iron, all of which require not much of intellectual prowess being employed for the outcome.

The science behind this.

Undoubtedly, books are the outcomes of an intensive generation of ideas and thoughts brought about by the author (which, even if Artificial Intelligence comes alive, I doubt if the robots would ever be able to do), and ideas don't generate out of nowhere, it clearly has it roots in every single moment the author has spent observing, learning and comprehending the events of life (both his and others, and most often through other books too!). So here it is worthwhile to notice the point that with every progressing generation of humans, the lustre and clarity of the intellect and of the ideas become progressively sharpened in resolution, as it is the truth that unfolds every single day and with numerous authors, numerous perspectives are added on to it.

        All these explanations now positions me aptly, to explain how I see and perceive books. I see the books to be a fragment of the soul or intellect or the life of the author, because a book captures the entire thinking process of an author, that which formed its pattern over a considerable period of time. Now all this gets permanence in a book in a humble two-dimentional simple print in a very consice manner. So literally the author has crystallized his entire soul and intellect, in his book. So when you have yourself sorrounded by books, you have the fragments of their souls all around you.

And that my friends, is how I see the books around me.

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