First few drops...

Sitting in the room, with a book in the hand, the ceiling fan circulates a fresh set of air with the scent of the rain's first few drops.

The mind so absorbed in the book awakens to the exterior virtual world, and hears the big drops falling from the skies on the concreted face of Earth, committing suicide by shattering itself, for she expected that she would soon be a part of the juice in a fruit, but later realized that she will be flowing into the city's drainage system and will be nurturing bacteria and mosquitoes.

What does the human me do at once, run outside and protect the partially dried clothes on terrace, snatching the few probabilities of happiness that the rain drop destined to drainage, could have had.

Saved the clothes and what next? Wish I could get drenched and feel myself alive again, but my day is too packed for that. Sorry rain drops, better luck next time!
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