IT companies, Ram and the English.

My dad just came into the room to see if I was alright, to his surprise I was writing a journal when I was supposed to be sleeping on a dose of Diclofenac and paracetamol for the headache. This headache I got due to the crash after a week-long downtime and mental turbulance. I crashed into clarity.

I do not know if diclofenac and paracetamol can bring about such introspective thinking, with such a noise that had I been somewhere near the Niagara, I still would have felt that the Niagara is a few decibels weaker. The crash I guess chose to manifest as a headache this time, for no reason. Thereby forcing me to shut the light, sounds, ears, mobile phone etc, in short...possibly everything that was ON.

When everything that keeps you glued to the external world is OFF, the internal world suddenly wakes up for a short period of time, when the thoughts are clear as crystals only until when they fade into another state called sleep, where all that was thought about gets organized and stored for future reference.
To hell with the future, I get up as the thoughts flow and channelize them to journal pages. The pages were being created and Dad comes in...pages stop getting created, someday the painfully long process will have to be redone (hopefully without diclofenac) and the pages will have to be created.

But...'Dad came in with the seed for this blogpost'

He tells me about a temple in India where they have discovered a room with treasures of old Indian Kings, with the gold valuing about Rs.1,00,000 Crores, and the diamonds and other precious stones are not even included yet in the valuation.

Dad adds his classic verbal touch by saying that the Britisher's must not have known about the existence of this treasure, else they would have swiped it all away long back, like the way they did with most of the treasures in India, and other countries they conquered, hardly with any bravery but with cunning strategies. We Indians do have our weaknesses after-all, and the best part... Britishers can try the strategy once again and we no doubt will fall for it, again!

As a parting gift the Britisher's gave us English and Coffee. To make up for the damages done in the olden days (but hardly Golden days), they now wield the soft-power with British Libraries sprung all across India, and also the world. Possibly for establishing cultural relations with Indians, and to sell the overpriced education of their "World Famous" Universities, which even their own Government denies to fund, to Indian students with mediocre intelligence and rich dads.

And what did English do to me?
I am blogging with it. and ....
My Job : with a software firm, in Bangalore, for the UK clients!

How the hell did I get the job?
I am an Indian, a person from the developing country. So you can pay me a fraction of the cost that you would otherwise pay a westerner. I, the Indian, will subject myself to 12 hours of work everyday for peanuts, yet will call my job a white collar job. And the bride's fathers are usually happy to know that his daughter will marry a dumbass who speaks with computers in a strange language with English alphabets/words and senseless symbols like $ <> @ & etc for about 10 hours in a day.
Father in laws beware...IT people have a reputation for killing their wives. Give your daughter to an author ;) or a painter. They are true romantics, trust me. Van Gogh gifted a prostitute his cut left ear.

I did my job for the UK client. It was three months ago. I am off the project, and off the company. Now putting my English to better uses.

Do not worry Daddy...

We in India have beautiful services based business models and enough number of unskilled graduates minted every academic year, to keep the IT industry flourishing for another good twenty years (only if Artificial intelligence doesn't awaken in these twenty years). By this time frame we and our companies will plunder back everything that they took. And after twenty years, there will be a great economic depression with India being the fulcrum. Chill daddy, I have planned my evil plans for those times.

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