What a blog is not

How many times do we get the doubts about the blogs we write?
Are we doing it right? What else should I do?
Or worse, into what style should I morph my writing so that it becomes a more-cooler, more-trendy, or simply into a more-read blog.
The blog, from its bigger word 'web-log', actually meant an online diary, where you post your unique thoughts. So that everyone's voice could be heard alike.
Until or unless you are in China, where you could be screwed for expressing ideas, I don't see a point in why should someone change their writing style to what people want to read, than keeping it the way you want to blog.
There clearly is a confusion here. Writing, taking into account the ego and biases of the readers, is writing for a book, now called ebooks! A blogger has the greatest liberty as a writer, almost equal to that of the President!
So please blog for what you think. Not for what others might think about it.
This is a good example blog...Seth's blog

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