Parenting and Children: A status symbol issue?

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"Don't just sit there doing nothing, like a useless piece of stone. 

Get up and get going.

You got to get up to show up, and show up to succeed in life",

...said his mother.

The kid was an extension of the parent's status symbols, like all other well chosen things that reflect class and taste. Years from now as an adult, from his well built successful future, the kid would be searching his childhood in the long lost past. Just to find none.


Years passed. The younger got old, and the old got older.

He was now old enough to think, and wise enough to comprehend the folly of his parents. His wisdom made him a better parent. He knew his children were human beings, and not human doings.

"Foolish mother", his mind spoke to him, "she even defined what the success for a stone would be like".

"I won't let my kid's mind to speak to him/her the way my mind just spoke to me", this, he tought to himself.

The kids who are unable to feed their own hunger, in the poor countries are luckier than the kids in the richer countries, who are unable to feed their parent's ego and status demands.


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