A "Thought Leader", answered I...

I had to answer a question. I loved to answer the question, too. I was just glad that I now stay with friends who ask me such questions. The question was...

What do you really want to become dude? When will you consider yourself a success?

It made me think for two seconds, not because I had to generate the answer, but because the processing speed of our brain is much more faster than the flexibility of our tongue muscles. The sentence got compiled in those two seconds. I answered...

Success is a relative term. And going by that definition, I am already a sucess. But if a goal were to be attached to quantify the success... then I want to be a "Thought Leader".

Now a friend who asks such a queston, is sure a serious question shooter. He was, and he went on...

So is it like you want to be a CEO or something? A business entrepreneur kind of??

Now this question demanded more of my processing potential! I had to phrase it properly, I had to deliver the answer with accurate precision. The entropy of the information had to be minimised as much as possible. I went ahead and replied...

A thought leader is one who makes it his responsibility to innovate, which requires a deep understanding and conherent thinking across many domains, to create a holistic and innovative concept/product/anything that was previously undone, but that which needs to be done with an urgency more than ever.

In short, if you think CEO's are the cream layer, a thought leader is one who lays the framework/model by which the CEO's think, and hence the term thought leader. He/she does what a scientist does to science. Science and scientists are in a symbiotic relationship. But, a thought leader and management science are in a mutualistic relationship.

By the end of the answer, the pulses of neuronic firing that existed in my brain embodying these concepts, gained a crisp clarity and identity in the more universal and Generic language of English. 


Wikipedia too talks on such stuffs, it would be a lot more easier if you could read about "Thought Leaders and Thought Leadership", using the link below. For in wikipedia, thousands of thought patterns converge to form an article, and at times such crowd-wisdom's co-creation is easier to understand.


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