A Soft New World : Paradigm shift in power, porn, and population

Soft-Skills... Soft-Power... Soft-Ware... Soft-Porn...

we are in the age of fine refinements. 

Soft Power

British Empire, just a few decades ago was famous for wielding Hard Power, with strong expansion policies. Now, things have changed. It is the era of Soft-power, you are reading and I am writing in "English", we all watch and listen to BBC, we download BBC podcasts, become members of British Library's Cultural relations 'programme'. The expansion policy still holds good, but it is soft. It is refined. Enter the Soft New World.

Soft Porn

Porn is a different game altogether. BDSMCFNM, BBW, MILF and many more perverted concepts are gone. Porn industry now is focusing on 'Female-Friendly' porn! Wonder what that means! In simpler terms, it is a porn where the emphasis is not 'Sex' but to  'Make-love', emotions matter here, and that's all that matters. A Softer porn, more like our everyday life stuffs. Blame it on your mirror neurons. 

Softer Softwares

We don't see major software and OS designs anymore, or at least, as frequent as they used to be. All that we see are OS updates/upgrades, Software patches that are pushed when we are online. We don't want to shift environments, do we? Isn't it? Apple people/Android People/Windows people?

Soft Skills

Soft-skills, are the norms of the modern corporate. Frederick.W.Taylor's Scientific principles are slowly taking a back seat. Behavioural Economics are shaking up the very mindset of corporations and governments worldwide. It is in the small things that the major bucks are hidden. Advertising is not just tag lines anymore. Advertisements are now a very psychologically thought-about form of marketing. Sometimes called Neuro-marketing or Synaptic Branding.

Why all these Shifts?

Simple, we are not hungry anymore. We are not at war. Our Governments are fairly functioning well. If at all we are at war with the government, it is not because we don't have food, freedom or electricity. The soft-revolutions are now more about making the governments more efficient, free of corruption, better legislation, better administration, better global policies. We are at peace! 

A Brave New World? 

Nope, this is something better.

The Soft New World.

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