Abbreviation Psychometry : A thinner slicing into a person's psychology.

     It all started when my father once asked in a 'father testing his son's knowledge..' tone "What is OD?". That was three years ago when I was in the second year of my college. I swiftly replied "optical density", he was shocked and a little irritated for he expected me to say "over draft". Well, I was then a biologist in the making, while my father was a banker for about twenty years. No wonder our take on the abbreviations differed.

It doesn't have to be with two people necessarily. After my college years, there is this company in India called TCS which had extreme faith in 120 of us from our entire batch of God knows how many students, and they offered us employment in our third year of college just when recession was stating to catch up! As I was waiting for the job call from TCS after completion of my Undergraduate study in Biotechnology , Government of India's ministry of Science and technology had for the 2009 batch, called the students for its fantastic initiative called BCIL(Biotech Consortium of India Limited) which gives students a paid internship in leading Biotech companies across India. I was learning big time in Biozeen for about four months.

That's when I was repeatedly using certain abbreviations like DNS (dinitro salicylic acid) and SIP (sterilization in place), CIP (cleaning in place) etc. When I joined TCS after that and started to learn web designing, which had always been my crush kinda hobby during my entire college years, the same (DNS) got reprogrammed in my brain as "Domain Name Server"!

This by itself is not a great thing to write a blogpost upon, rather its too trifle a matter! But what I felt is, this shift in the way certain abbreviations and symbols are processed by the brain, could give a very detailed inference on what and who a person is.

Like for example red could mean love for a lover, while it could also mean blood for a serial killer! These are the takes of two persons of the same symbol. But it could also be that it meant love for the person, till the day he became psychologically destabilized due to a failed relationship and it then started to mean blood! Eeewwww, but you get it right!? This is what psychometry has always been trying to analyze. To make a thin slicing of a person's psychological state is what psychometry aims at.

What I am here trying to convey is that the thin slicing can be made thinner by understanding what abbreviations mean to a person. This could lead to deeper understanding of a person's inclinations to various subjects of his/her professional or personal expertise, (@in short.. one's actual field towards which his/her brain is more aptly fit to be productive) in his/her present psychological state.

Now, the idea is open. I would love to see cognitive Neuroscience brains work on this, for I already am!

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