Cracked pipelines? bangaloreans show what to do!

I recently was hunting for a place to park my bike in the perpetually crowded mg road, brigade road, luckily found a place opposite to the juice junction in churchstreet, where I had to pay an enterpreneur Rs.10 per hour!

It wasnt bad, he did take care of the bike, like everyone else's till I returned two hours later.

Juice junction did help me fight the unusually hot persona Bangalore has started to carry these days! Whats worth mentioning is the garbage can(well not strictly!) Outside the fruit juice shop! I did find a moment to capture the cement pipeline which was invented to transport waste water. But due to aging it cracked, and some right brained guy/gal had painted it and helped it resurrect and serve humanity...yes, thus was born this garbage can(again, not exactly!)
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