Answering atheist and believer problem alike.

It was about a month ago, that someone on Quora asked a question. A sensible question, a serious question...which if answered, can answer the problems of believers and non-believers alike. I tried answering. Here below is the copy's paste of all that happened...if you are on Quora, this is my link. Let's answer some questions... "How can we get atheists to be nicer? And what would be the outcome? I see a lot of atheists being jerks toward religious people, to the point where they can be just as condescending as the people they oppose. How can we bring about harmony rather than continuing the sniping? EDIT: I wrote this question badly, and now I'm getting into a flame war. What I was really hoping to get at was more like "How should I respond when I see people attacking all religion on the Internet?" I didn't mean to attack atheists in general, and it was stupid of me to not realize that was how people would read this question." Ram Reva, Ram.N : Wrote (that's me)... " "Be it the belief of God, or the non-belief of God. If "beliefs" are given too much of importance, they lead to problems, often unnecessary ones. Be it religion, be it Hitler's ideas that caused pains, or be it Green peace "fighting" for a cleaner world. Don't place so much weightage on simple beliefs. It was the place and people we were born and grown with that makes us believe certain things. You can be right, that's all. Don't force others to be right! They have their own versions. Your liberty to smoke, should not interfere with my liberty to breath! " 1 vote by Peter Ireland Repost • 1 Comment • Delete •   • Dec 22, 2011 " Greg Holley The only way to challenge destructive beliefs or ideas is to counter them with constructive ones. Human history is a bloody battleground of ideas and beliefs. Progress is made when more constructive thought wins out. If people like green peace don't "fight for a cleaner world", a cleaner world is not going to happen. In the end it is apathy that is our greatest failing, not earnestness of belief. That being said, no one likes a strident a hole. As an atheist I try not to emulate the dogma of my fundy christian background but its a challenge. Reply  UpvoteDownvote • Repost • Dec 22, 2011 "

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