Salman Rushdie, Anders Breivik, Doggy style, Islamophobia and Fatwa

Island of Utøya in Tyrifjorden, Buskerud, Norway - 17.22

The first gun shot was heard at 17.22. The Nature is a bitch, for when you are about to die by a bullet, you see the light first, hear the sound next and then the pain is felt; of the bullet piercing through your flesh to release your life trapped in your body. When life and body separate, neither have a purpose. The terrorist and his purpose wins. The Norwegian gun man, killer in a Police's guise won the war, killing 69 people. 69, the most pleasurable number in sex, attained a new avatar of pain in Norway.

Anders Behring Breivik-Reason to Kill

Here are two citations from different pages of Wikipedia, that pretty much gives the essence of the issue...

Breivik is linked to a compendium entitled 2083: A European Declaration of Independence bearing the name "Andrew Berwick", the file was e-mailed to 1,003 addresses about 90 minutes before the bomb blast in Oslo.[137][138] Analysts described him as having Islamophobic views and a hatred of Islam,[139] and as someone who considered himself as a knight dedicated to stemming the tide of Muslim immigration into Europe.[140][141]

Islamophobia describes prejudice against, hatred or irrational fear of Islam or Muslims[1][2] The term dates back to the late 1980s or early 1990s,[3] but came into common usage after the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States.[4]

Salman Rushdie and Open Fatwa

The Satanic Verses controversy was the heated and sometimes violent reaction of some Muslims to the publication of Salman Rushdie's novel The Satanic Verses, which was first published in the United Kingdom in 1988. Many Muslims accused Rushdie of blasphemy or unbelief and in 1989 Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini of Iran issued a fatwa ordering Muslims to kill Rushdie. Numerous killings, attempted killings, and bombings resulted from Muslim anger over the novel.[1]

Anders suddenly sounds justified...

For someone with Arachnophobia, his/her tendency would be to kill all the arachnids in the vicinity. However, they don't develop the courage to do it. Partly because the phobia is overpowering, which makes them to not kill, but to avoid the spiders.

Being Arachnophobic and killing cockroaches...

However, our candidate here is different. "It is an Islamophobic subject". He couldn't kill the target group of his, but rather went ahead and killed his own people. Which is something like killing cockroaches and claiming that it was out of the fear of spiders.

What's right or wrong with the book?

Salman Rushdie wrote a book too early. People are not yet seasoned enough to accept views with the weightage that they deserve. The choice of Gods and religious views are like sexual orientations or like a choice to smoke or not. "It's personal" and it stays personal, till when your choice to smoke does not interfere with my right to breathe.

The Doggy style (Conclusion)

If you like doggy style; you like it and thats that. Doesn't make you wrong or make me right. If you like Krishna, Jesus or Allah keep it to yourself. Don't go ahead like a newly turned gay/lesbian person running around streets proclaiming a newly acquired identity.

This is where I'm afraid, my Muslim brothers. That after 2083, if things go right according to Anders Breivik's compendium, writers like Salman Rushdie, who have just expressed their views and are threatened for life, might find a place to live, devoid of open Fatwas.

With every threat you pose to the world's population, justified by your own personal views, you are making Anders Breivik's cause stronger and stronger. 


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