Home alone... Ram alone...

Being home alone is a fun/fantasy for grown up kids. Biologically at 24, I am now a kid who can reproduce. I have been home alone for the past four days now and five hours from now my parents would open the doors with their set of keys, for I will still be asleep when they arrive.

Being home alone is less glorious than those images that prevail in the mind. For when a guy like me, the one with more respect for purpose than for order; stays at home all alone, without the admonitory effects of mother, the result is often a catastrophe, that religiously abides by the second law of thermodynamics. Entropy is all that keeps increasing.

Entropy [Before]


The following happens in no-praticluar-order: just like the mis-spelt word.

  1. kitchen gets screwed up; mom suddenly seems to me... a wonder-woman
  2. the study table becomes... less of a study table
  3. the dining table loses its purpose, with study table components invading
  4. the newspaper finds itself purposeless without dad
  5. bed has gone for a toss
  6. the resources that support life, like food, water, milk and coffee... start to run out.
  7. The un-washed clothes somehow increase exponentially

And then something happened..

Happy-Maid effect [After]

The maid who cleans our home is an elderly lady. She eats breakfast at our home, for my mom cooks not for the three people of our family, but for four people. I followed the practice whole-heartedly. Made it a point that I make breakfast for the good old lady, no matter what. She was happy. 

And I noticed that there had been a face-uplift surgery that the home had gotten. Kitchen was spanking clean...!

A Great lunch : courtesy Aunt 

The most unexpected surprise however was a sumptous lunch, my aunt (chitti) had made. A treat. 

A family lunch...

Menu :

  • Male chicken in Briyani
  • Female Chicken in curry
  • and their daughters egg1 and egg2, as omlets.

This is possibly the most unorganized article I have ever written. But what the hell...it is straight out of the brain, bypassed by the fingers onto this page. So I am kinda happy. For may be if I capture all the thoughts and inferences of these four days, they won't be mine anymore, but yours too! and chances are you will unsubscribe. Why would I do that!?

Other happenings..


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