Judge William Adams : Literally belted : News today!

These are the News thats exploding across Youtube, news websites and every other possible media on Earth, may be even in some planets unknown to man. But for sure, if such a planet exists and the aliens decide to invade Earth tomorrow, these news can definitely make them change their minds, that it is not worth the effort. I mean why would aliens invade a primitive civilization?

Here are the News Headlines...

Bengal Hospital Uses acid instead of antiseptic, baby dead.

Not long after the 26 children death in West Bengal has over (in government hospitals), another incident has happened, which is far more like a scene pulled out of torture movies like Hostel, Grotesque,Human Centipede, antichrist etc which only the Japanese and Korean directors are perverted/talented enough to imagine. 

Coming back from the digression. What happened was that a nurse thought that it was a bottle with antiseptic, and poured the acid over the sensitive area where orgasms are felt. The woman was giving birth. As if a labour pain was not sufficient enough to put off a woman, here comes the acid, and there goes the baby.

Hey, the like the seven billionth record, can this be the Record for the "Youngest baby to have been killed by acid torture?"

New mothers served phenyl instead of vitamins.
This is another nut case, where phenyl has been stored in bottles in Amravati Hospital,Mumbai which the new mothers consumed. I am too tired to comment on it now. Seriously..

And the Best one of the Day...goes to..

and thankfully this is outside India!

Dude...seriously! If beating up the kids / even grown ups is such an issue:

  1. All Indian parents will be behind bars
  2. Jails will overflow, Kanimozhi and Karunanidhi Inc. won't have rooms in Jails.
  3. Youtube will run out of space, if we start uploading
  4. India will have to better than 142nd rank for Internet Speed, compared to world average of 1.5 mbps. Hence we can't use Youtube anyways!
  5. Indian news media will have a fun time! "What is happening: The parenting paradox!!!!" ha ha...

Quote for the Day

"All generalizations are wrong, including this one"


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