2.33 AM Soul searching

It is around 2:33 AM, and you will find out how long I usually take to write a blogpost by the time I publish this article. The night started with plans for a good night's sleep. Plans have a reputation for not working out and that's what happened now. I chose to browse instead.


Random browsing is no lesser than a soul-searching walk by the sea shores, the advantage here being is that you can choose to be in the luxury of the home and take a walk down the Internet lane, meeting all possible websites that come your way and having a silent talk with them. The authors of website communicate silently their thoughts, and I read them silently. The communication is achieved in its purest form.

Mathematician's call it the Drunkard's walk. The random pattern that probabilistically leads you somewhere. That was what Steve Jobs believed in, and it now became the famous "Connecting the Dots". I have been connecting quite some dots tonight, and am jotting it down here to help you through another insomniacal night of yours, if need be.

The jouney...

  • The jounery started with Drunkard's walk, an audiobook I recently absorbed through my faithful non-living friend, the Philips GoGear Vibe that supports audible.com books. 
  • did a bit of googling about random walk...liked it
  • walked further, and met smashingmagazine website, got to know about blogazines
  • blogazine : blog+magazine eg. http://www.smashingmagazine.com/the-death-of-the-blog-post/ (you will love this), wish I could do this, I can...but no time!
  • ended up in zenhabits.net then. I frequent this space often.
  • changed this blog's theme, a bit of tweaks here and there...
  • searched for a few domain names at bustaname.com
  • then thought will say a hi to you, my lovely readers. Did it!
  • Bye for now, and catch you again with more nicey stuffs soon...

Until then have fun and take care.

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