Internet Abstinence Week : Fingers crossed

Life has never been faster, Enter the Internet.

Oh, really...?

 Would Edison have invented the bulb, if he was busy updating his Facebook status, tweeting, liking and commenting Madam Curie's pics?

Or would Einstein have had the mental energy to imagine himself sitting on a photon, while replying to his patent office manager via Blackberry?

Thankfully, I am exactly in such a position now. A chance to think out of the Ether.


Start: 12.00 am : 29th Nov.2011

End : 12.00 am : 06th Dec.2011


What I expect to happen...

I hope these things might start to involve themselves with my life more frequently

  • Reading from paper-pulp-ink prints
  • Newspapers 
  • Calling up friends, who usually know my alive:status from blog
  • Writing & reading my journal : The Red book, that Steffi gifted me.
  • I don't even have things to fill this list! Oops, high time I get out of the box!


Plan for Unavoidable Circumstances

The plan for absolute necessities like mails from Institutions/publishers etc would be...

Take a walk to the Cyber Cafe, sip a hot lime tea and deal with it swiftly and walk back.


What when I get back..?

May be I will be mad, may be I will be a Buddhist, may be more addicted. How can I know if I don't try? Trying it. NOW.

Will share the experience with you. Probably in page-scans of my journal.







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