BSNL Customer Care - Doesn't Exist.

Mascotte Air India / Air India Mascot

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It is not unusual for the telecom providers to record the calls that we make to the customer care executives, for their 'Internal training' purposes. I thought why not reverse the process and use it for external training purposes.

What was done:

  1. Call up : 123, and tolerate the not-so-sexy-voice, which is a voice equivalent of the physical disasters, which the Airhostesses of Air India are. Both Air India and BSNL are government run. Thats all I am saying.
  2. 1-Balance related; 2-blah blah blah; 3-yadayadayada; 4-speak to a customer care executive
  3. So... press key 4
  4. And it enlightens you with the information that : "The number doesn't exist"

Bsnl crap care service by ramreva


So is it like one guy sitting and taking 100 calls simultaneously?

Oh..yes..sorry..could be one girl too. But hey, the number doesn't exit. So what difference does the gender factor doing here?!

The website

You must be knowing that there is nothing more annoying than a poorly designed website. BSNL is an epic example. Click on Have a look.


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