When Did Lord-Shiva ask you to smoke-up?

Soul searching begins when both basic and advanced necessities are not met. If one gets Food, Water, Love, Sex and Fame in abundance, chances are God and Spirituality will become pointless.

So hunger and inequality are here to stay, as the great God must survive. Just the way Governments keep one group of population always poor, for their votes a.k.a survival.

What happens when some men start soul searching and walk towards Himalayas?

Being successful releases Dopamine and Endorphins in the brain, which is the ultimate addiction of Humans; as it reinforces the fact that one is still alive, more precisely not dead. 

We call people dead not when they cease to live, but when they cease to act. Life then, is a verb. Life is response to stimuli. 

So chemically inducing such elated states of mind become far more easier, than bursting their pair of arse over lubricating the grinds of life.

Guess what...B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T. If God knew you wanted those chemicals in your system, he would have given you a gland to secrete it, wouldn't He?

The Path to God...

LSD - attempted reconstruction of acid patterns

Image by wallygreeninker via Flickr

Weed comes as the entry drug. Aaaaahhhh..I am Spiritual, closer to God.

LSD...aaaaahhhhhhh....God resides in me. 

Ketamine...Aaaaaahhhhh...I am one with the God.

Meth...aaaahhhhhhh...I am the God...

What the Hell..Who are you?

I am God buddy, and guess what.. You are dead. You found Me, before you found yourself.







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