Karnataka Rajyotsava: Comment ça va? Je suis un peu malade!

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It is karnataka Rajyotsava. In simpler terms, the Birth of Karnataka State. I stay in NGV, Bangalore and there is a ball going on downstairs with people assembled to celebrate the day. The people are from all parts of India, as any thin sliced sample of Bangalore would exhibit. NGV is no great exception.

I was adrenaline pumped to know why a day to celebrate the birth of a state, inside a nation. The curiosity was normal because, I have been using Karnataka's resources for six years now.

So, I went there and found the following songs blaring out of some poor quality Chinese speakers.

The playlist is as follows..

1. Jinkachikka jinkachikka...
2.dance pe chance maarle...oh soniye
3.some other hindi song, in this video
4. And some tamil song tunes played by a lad in keyboard.
5.and finally a hindi skit!

I am now in my room and reading the following article in wikipedia.

Oh great...now Igiri Nandhini, nandhitha medhini... is running...which language is it by the way?!

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