How to watch out for "get paid, get laid" spammers

Spamming comes in different flavors and colors with every progressing day of Internet era.

This time the flavor is that of an email ID compromise. Your email acccount sends around 50-100 emails within a short span of 2-3 minutes, and before you realize the word has spread, and there are other greedy people in your contact list who have clicked through this already!

Do's and Dont's

The most important thing about using emails: 

  • Remember that there is no postmaster who sits and organizes your mails, it is all by machines.
  • Machines don't have blood, and hence are cold. Hence they don't have judgemental capabilities.
  • So, if you have the slightest doubt about a mail, be it from your contacts or not, simply delete it. For if it was from contacts, they will get back to you, or better will call you over phone.
  • Use a Good email provider. Some of the trustworthy ones are Gmail, Microsoft(MSN, Hotmail, Live), Rediffmail, 
  • These we call trustworthy because, even if there is an instance of such issues, the automated internal security systems are alerted in no time, and your digital personality is safe again.
  • If you can, go for a https:// level security in settings of your email. https : stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. Secure is the catch word here.
  • Switch on your spidy senses when the mail that has a subject line like "hello, i am free now, are you free tonight, hi", often from someone from whom you would rather not expect such a mail, say your ex-girl/boy-friends, or dad/mom. Also note the unmindful usage of small letters here.
  • Use Internet like driving on a Road. "Watchful". It could cost you not your life, but certain crucial elements of it like Happiness.

Some spammers to watch out for...

  1. Get Paid more than $100 per week
  2. Get Laid tonight, with girls around your location. (Note: They have already tracked your location!)
  3. Ones using Google's name. Big companies don't share money with you! Remember.
  4. Easy money: There is no simpler way to make money, only harder ones. So forget the 'easy' option, and get back to work.
  5. Foreign Exchange Online. There are only a handful that are legit, so ask an expert before you get all serious about it.
  6. Online Poker and Gambling, which are not safe even in the real world, leave alone digital world.


To Give you a glimpse for how the look and feel usually is on a crappy are some pics.


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