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It was fifteen minutes since I made a mental promise to myself, that I will abstain from lusting with the technologies, machines, and especially the Internet; and rather devote more time to people I really need to be lusting with...then I got a call from my uncle. It was for buying an iPad for his kid. One hell of a brilliant kid he is. He needed his tools right, for he uses them well. Uncle is bright, and he chose to provide.

So there I was, at the electronics store Croma, in Koramangala, Bangalore. iPad was directly looking into my eyes. It has sarcasm all over its glossy glassy face and it said...

You abstaining from technology???!!!... 10010100100101010101


I guess 10010100100101010101 was it's laughter or swearing...whatever it may be, I didn't understand it, for good. 

I had a solid set of 30 minutes of waiting for my uncle and the kid to arrive. Do I have to mention that Bangalore has hectic traffic at this point? When we talk of being late in Bangalore, even Siri of iPhone will understand that it is due to traffic!

What Does Ram do with time + tech!?!? Muhahahahhaaaaa...!

Did you notice that there are two images with different signature of mine. Oh yes, that is where digital art has a clear victory.


  • Rapid
  • High throughput
  • Ease of performance
  • Un-doability
  • less messy


  • This is not painting. Absolutely no pigments involved!
  • This is just a set of electrons flowing in and out solid-state memory, and made up light through the LCD/LED.
  • It's Maya!!!


But Steve, I played my part in making your briainchild grow a bit bigger, that it was yesterday. So, you better remember this as you are watching me from above.

But in the end, we have one happy kid... Shiv Ram.



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