The Superheroes' way of carrying women

All men are the same. Normal and Superhumans alike.

Get a layer deeper and one can notice a pattern in the fantasies of the superheroes, robots and God created by various religions all seem to have the same set of traits.

  • Might
  • Something/anything that we the normal people can't do, but only the Kryptonian or Enthiran or our recent pal Ra.One Mayur Khan can do.
  • Hey Ra.One Mayur Khan, why would a robot need a six pack abs?! Anyways, muscles don't make the metal frame move, or does it? Will Smith told me, it was nanofibres as muscles, you people are into right now. 
  • Colorful dressing, like as if all the days were Fridays, and the world was a disco party or a Telugu Movie.
  • Most of them have lasers oozing from their eyes, and cough fire.
  • Most wear a belt that can hold so many things. Batman, tops the gadget list as always. I mean, the brat is into business and hence rich, what's his problem? Mr. Bruce Wayne, get to a shrink and take that bat memory out of your head. You will have a bright future.
  • And the Best of all. All these Guys have the same fantasy of carrying their/other's/whichever woman who needs help, in exactly the same way, everytime. See it for yourself...!


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